Prevent Crawl Space Moisture Issues

There are many homes in the Connecticut that have crawl spaces, some are new construction and some are of older construction, but most all have some types of crawl space moisture issues.   The main reason builders build a building with a crawl space is to save money on excavating as well as materials.  Inherently there is nothing wrong with crawl spaces, in fact I’d argue it’s not a bad construction method provided it’s done correctly.

There are 4 types of crawl spaces in Connecticut:

  • Dirt floor with open vents to the outside
  • Stone foundation with dirt floor
  • Hollow block foundation with a dirt floor
  • Cement or hollow block foundation with a cement floor and no open vents

Of the preceding crawl spaces on our list the correct version of construction would be the last one.  The main reason for this is that a crawl space should be a “conditioned” area just like a basement no more and no less.

If your crawl space has a dirt floor and open vents it’s not only costing you money each and every month, it’s also making the upstairs of your home unhealthy.  Here’s why:

Dirt crawl spaces allow moisture vapor to rise up from the dirt, introducing many problems into your home including condensation, mold, outside air, odors and rodent fecal pathogens.  Open vents also allow energy depleting air into the home.  In the summer, this creates dampness and humidity.  In the winter it becomes a cold dark cave that is a drain on heating budgets (this is true regardless as to whether it has floor insulation or not).   You should also know that 50% of the air on the first floor or your home has risen up from the crawl space!  It’s called the stack effect; air naturally rises from the bottom to the top through the home (much like smoke in a  fireplace).  Along with this air comes mold spores, odors and pathogens.  Many builders prior to 1995 made an attempt to stop this from happening by putting cheap plastic on the floors.  The problem with this is that over time the plastic becomes brittle, tears and cracks allowing moisture back in to the home.  They also never closed the vents, not smart!!

Envirocare offers a solution

We can make your home a healthier, dryer place to be simply by installing our thermal and moisture barrier system.  Our system can transform your nasty crawl space into a dry usable space that becomes a conditioned part of your home.  The system we use is installed across the floor with mechanically fastened 2.5″ termite resistant wall insulation.  We also seal (not just close) the vents, stopping the damp unconditioned air from outside BEFORE it gets in.  This is a crucial component of a properly functioning crawl space.

Our crawl space encapsulation and thermal barrier system makes the crawl space part of your home.  It prevents problems like wood rot, powder post beetle, energy loss and mold.  It works by sealing out the dampness from the earth and the outside air making the upstairs of your home a drier, healthier and more energy efficient place.

We also have offer an options where we can install dehumidifiers, perimeter foam insulation at the band joist (this is a real money saver), sump pumps and rodent exclusions.

Please call 1-888-879-6481 or email us at [email protected] if you have question about your crawl space or would like a free estimate.