Mice: The great invader

Deer mouse tending to her young
Deer mouse tending to her young

There are two different species of mice in Connecticut.  They’re deer mice and the house mice.  The picture to the left shows a female deer mouse tending to her young in a detached barn in Washington Depot, CT.

The main difference between the two mice is that deer mice are much hardier than house mcie.  A deer mouse is built to live outside; therefore they’re bigger and stronger than your average house mouse.

However, deer mice are still dangerous as they’re the main carrier of the hantavirus.  This virus is an upper respiratory fungal disease that is caused by droppings when they fossilize and become airborne.  Improperly cleaning up rodent dropping is the main cause for droppings becoming airborne.  I would strongly suggest that if you plan on taking up a rodent cleaning project that you seek professional advice about doing is safely.  Our crews have undergone training in the proper techniques when doing this type of work.  In order to make sure your safe, we’d be happy to give you free advice.

Eliminating the house mouse or deer mouse from a home is the same.  It can be done with exterior rodent repellents, interior trapping and installing interior bait boxes.


If you have mice, call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.