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Carpenter Ants In Walls: What the Crackling Sound Means

The sound of carpenter ants in walls can be unnerving to a homeowner but actually hearing carpenter ants is not as common as you’d think. What do carpenter ants in walls sound like? People describe the sound as: Crackling that is very similar to the sound cereal makes when you add milk Crumpling paper or […]

ants, carpenter ants David Bisaillon December 27th, 2013

Carpenter Bees: What you need to know about their extermination and biology

Carpenter bees will come to your home in May every year, many people aren’t happy about this.   Here are some facts that you should know about carpenter bees and how to choose an exterminator.  I also detailed a problem carpenter bee extermination job that we experienced in Southbury, CT last year. Carpenter Bee Facts […]

Carpenter bees David Bisaillon December 27th, 2013

Deer Ticks: Identification and Control

Identification Connecticut is located in one of the most dense areas of the country for the blacklegged tick or deer tick. Deer ticks are hard shelled ranging in size from 1/16” -1/8”. They have easily viewable mouthparts when looked at from above. The body is predominately flat. The females body has the ability to stretch […]

ticks David Bisaillon December 26th, 2013

Carpenter Ants Extermination: Where are they hiding and what you should do once their found

The extermination of carpenter ants is done by finding areas where they’re nesting.  Typically, the most common area to find a carpenter ant colony is where some type of moisture exists. The most common areas are the following: Interior wall cavities Areas where there have been water leaks Areas of dense vegetation Window frames and […]

ants, carpenter ants David Bisaillon December 26th, 2013

Carpenter Ant Damage: Is It Structural?

Often times when carpenter ants build a nest within a home the damage that they cause can be devastating. Carpenter ant damage in a home is usually located around an area where there’s some type of moisture penetration.  A common area that this takes place is where a wood deck attaches to a home. A […]

ants, carpenter ants, pest control David Bisaillon December 26th, 2013