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Termite treatment in Southington, CT

Needing a termite treatment for a home is common.  After all a home with termites is serious business and it will take a professional exterminator to provide and inspection to make sure that your home gets the termite treatment it needs. Recently, Envirocare Pest Control provided a termite inspection and termite treatment  for a home on […]

termites David Bisaillon February 27th, 2014

Strange Noises In The Walls: It’s not what you think it is

Strange noises in the walls?  I, like every other pest control person that this customer spoke with thought that the strange noise in the walls would be from a mouse, rat or maybe even a squirrel.  In fact, I was so confident of this that I tried to sell the job over the phone.  Had […]

pest control, Uncategorized David Bisaillon February 27th, 2014

Mice In Insulation

Recently during the renovation of a property mice were found in the insulation.  Unfortunately for our company this mouse nest was found in the insulation of a property that we’re purchasing to move our office to. Mice often build nests in insulation, typically the nest will be rounded out and burrowed into a piece of […]

mice David Bisaillon February 8th, 2014