Organic Tick Control: Will it work?

Organic tick control seems to be something that everyone wants.  As a tick control provider in Connecticut Envirocare Pest Control does provide this type of service.  However, there are some things that you’ll need to be aware of before making the choice between an organic product and a synthetic pesticide. Your Choice Tick management, tick […]

Termite Evidence

Termite evidence comes in many different forms.  However, the two most popular things people see prior to calling an exterminator are termite shelter tubes and swarming termites. The two may or may not be seen together. Termite Shelter Tubes, One Form Of Termite Evidence Termite shelter tubes or mud tubes are tubes made of mud […]

Bats in your house

Bats in your house especially an attic areas happen all the time but what about a basement?  Bats are a concern and you may need to hire a qualified exterminator like Envirocare Pest Control to perform a bat exclusion. The bat caught in this mouse trap was taken in a home in Southbury, CT.  The […]