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Mosquitoes can ruin a party

Mosquitoes are a real pain in the backside.  There are many people that are unaware that there’s actually a service that can help knock down the number of mosquitoes that ruin backyard enjoyment. When a company like Envirocare Pest Control provides a mosquito control service we’re attempting to exterminate breeding adults.  Our service people will […]

mosquitoes David Bisaillon May 25th, 2014

Ants In Kitchen

Ants in a kitchen are a very common complaint.  One of the more common ants that we deal with as a pest control provider in CT is pavement ants. The pavement ant is very common in basements as well as buildings on slab and of course kitchens.  Everyone has seen a pavement ant. They’re the same […]

ants David Bisaillon May 14th, 2014

Bats In Barns: It’s not a lost cause

Bats in barns are a very common problem in rural towns like Southbury, CT.  Recently we were called to a home that had a barn that was being used as an antique storage area.  As you can imagine having bat guano and urine drop onto antiques is not a good thing. Bat guano has been […]

bats David Bisaillon May 7th, 2014

Mosquito Facts

Mosquito facts are needed so that your yard or backyard event isn’t ruined.  Mosquito bites are just the tip of the iceberg. They’re actually very complicated insects.    Here are a few mosquito facts that I’ll bet you didn’t know: Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide:   All humans emit carbon dioxide when they breath. […]

lyme disease, mosquitoes, ticks David Bisaillon May 4th, 2014

Carpenter Bees: Are they attacking your home?

Carpenter bees attacking your home can be problematic.  The treatment of carpenter bees can be even more problematic depending on the location of the infestation.  In this post I want to go over the basic biology of carpenter bees, how they’re treated, why you have them, and some self help tips. Carpenter Bee Biology The […]

Carpenter bees David Bisaillon May 1st, 2014