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Carpenter Ant Treatment: Construction of your home makes a difference

The sole purpose of a carpenter ant treatment is to eliminate a carpenter ant colony from the walls within your home. What many people fail to take into account is that a carpenter ant treatment done by an ant exterminator has a lot to do with knowing construction and how a house is built. Without […]

ants, carpenter ants David Bisaillon June 25th, 2014

Hidden termite damage

Hidden termite damage or even structural damage is a possibility whenever a home has a termite problem.  Termite damage especially hidden termite damage can go on for years undetected.  Homes with undetected hidden termite damage are at the greatest risk for structural problems caused by termites. Recently we were called to a home in Cheshire, […]

Home Improvement, termites David Bisaillon June 22nd, 2014

Termites In Hamden Ct: Live termites in the winter

Termites in Hamden, Ct are a common problem.  This area of CT is known to have more termite activity than the towns around it.  I don’t think that anyone in the termite control industry knows exactly why, but the fact remains that termites in Hamden are a real problem.  I’d go so far as to […]

termites David Bisaillon June 18th, 2014

Ants In The Dishwasher: A common problem

Having ants in the dishwasher is a common problem. So common in fact, I’d say it’s close to the number one complaint we hear from customers who call for new service. Here’s what’s going on. All living things need food, water and shelter to survive. All ant colonies are extremely busy during the warm months […]

ants David Bisaillon June 7th, 2014

Trumbull Termite Inspection: Are You Purchasing A New Home

Today we provided a termite inspection in Trumbull, CT.  The clients were a young family purchasing their first home.  The home was built in 1950 and we found termites in the garage sill during our inspection. For those of you that aren’t familiar with construction the sill plate is the first piece of wood that […]

termites David Bisaillon June 4th, 2014