Squirrel in house: Strange, but true story

Finding a squirrel in a house in Danbury is really not a big deal.  In fact, squirrel control is a service that we offer on a fairly routine basis.  However, recently we were called to a popular doctor’s office for a live squirrel running around the basement.  This also happens regularly but this story has […]

Termite treatment in Southington, CT

Needing a termite treatment for a home is common.  After all a home with termites is serious business and it will take a professional exterminator to provide and inspection to make sure that your home gets the termite treatment it needs. Recently, Envirocare Pest Control provided a termite inspection and termite treatment  for a home on […]

Mice In Insulation

Recently during the renovation of a property mice were found in the insulation.  Unfortunately for our company this mouse nest was found in the insulation of a property that we’re purchasing to move our office to. Mice often build nests in insulation, typically the nest will be rounded out and burrowed into a piece of […]

Mice in the house

There’s mice outside and when the weather is cold they’ll want to get in.  We recently provided rodent control services at a home in Woodbury, CT that had mice in the house.  The homeowner found out first hand how many mice one Envirocare Pest Control technician can remove in a short period of time.  (The […]