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Termite exterminator needed for a home?

Termite exterminator needed for a home? I wonder how many times termite exterminator needed for a home is entered into the Google search engine? My guess is that the number will likely get into the millions.  The reason is that needing a termite exterminator for a home is by far one of the most common […]

termites David Bisaillon June 12th, 2016

Get rid of carpenter ants the right way

So, you want to get rid of carpenter ants!!  It’s really not that hard, once you find where the carpenter ant colony is located.  In previous posts I’ve gone over where to look for carpenter ants so we won’t be revisiting that.  My purpose for this post will be to explain what is actually done to […]

carpenter ants, Uncategorized David Bisaillon June 9th, 2016