Termite exterminator needed for a home?

Termite exterminator needed for a home? I wonder how many times termite exterminator needed for a home is entered into the Google search engine? My guess is that the number will likely get into the millions.  The reason is that needing a termite exterminator for a home is by far one of the most common services that a pest control company is asked to provide.

A good termite exterminator will not only inspect your home for termites while you own it, many termite exterminators also will provide the service before you purchase a home.  The truth is that having a termite inspection is extremely important in most all areas of the United States.  I can’t speak for other parts of the nation, but in CT we have a very high density of termite activity from the eastern subterranean termite.

Just yesterday we were called to to inspect a home for termites that was already inspected 3 years ago.  At that time the home inspector noted that there was termite damage to the garage frames as well as to the drywall above.  What he did next is all to common and one of the main reasons many people need a termite exterminator for a home. Ready…. he didn’t recommend a treatment for the termites!!!!!!  Fast forward to 2015 and the new owner really has a problem and will be one of those people entering into the Google search engine termite exterminator needed for a home.

After talking with the homeowner who happened to be at this inspection I was able to get the reasoning for exactly why the inspector didn’t recommend a termite service.  He felt that since there were no live termites that a treatment wasn’t needed.  The problem with this theory is that I don’t think he can see into the walls (maybe he can).  He can’t know whether there are live termites in the walls? He couldn’t possibly know if additional damage was going on that he couldn’t see and last what if the new homeowners life circumstances change and he has to move?  Will the next home inspector or pest management professional recommend a treatment?  The later is exactly what happened at this home.

I recommended a treatment based solely on two facts:

  1.  I can’t see through the walls and have no idea if there are live termites in these areas
  2. Someday those termites will be back, better to protect the home now

I’m guessing the only friend I had left after this inspection was the buyer; who by the way was undeterred from buying the home.  He was rational and understood that most everything can be fixed and a termite issue isn’t necessarily a reason not to purchase a home.

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