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Rodents Chew Wires: Stop them!

Rodents chew wires and it’s more prevalent than you think.  Having a frayed wire in your home or business is actually a very common occurrence.  The reason is that rodents chew just about everything.  In fact, if they don’t chew their teeth grow uncontrollably. A second reason rodents chew wires is to get from place […]

mice David Bisaillon February 16th, 2017

Bat in the house: What to do?

Bat in the house?  It’s a common problem that usually takes place at some very definite times of year.  If you’re having this problem it’s likely either the beginning of fall, early spring or winter. A bat in the house typically means you have bats.  It can be scary, but knowing what’s going on and […]

bats David Bisaillon February 11th, 2017