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Signs of wasp nests

Signs of wasp nests can range from the obvious to the down right dangerous.  This is especially true for children and those who are allergic. What’s the difference and when do you need a professional if you see a sign of wasp nests.  I’m choosing to tell you about the most dangerous signs of wasp […]

bees, wasps David Bisaillon July 4th, 2017

Large wasps on your lawn?

Large wasps on your lawn is a growing problem. We get many calls every year about them from frantic homeowners.  These wasps are actually called Cicada killers.  As the name implies they are parasitic to Cicadas.  These wasps are very docile and aren’t a social wasp.  They don’t build large hives and the likelihood of […]

bees, wasps David Bisaillon July 1st, 2017