Mice in the attic are running and scratching

Mice in the attic is a common problem.  In fact, mice have been getting into attics as long as attics have been around.  The reason is that mice have the uncanny ability to get into areas we don’t want them.  So, how did your mice get into the attic in the first place? And why do you hear them scratching on the ceiling at night?

Mice get into attics in a variety of different ways and contrary to popular opinion it’s typically NOT from the inside.  The reason for this is that most modern buildings have firewalls and caulked firebreaks around plumbing and electrical holes.   This safety practice also prevents mice from getting into the attic.

Since they’re not getting in from the inside then all that leaves is the exterior.  As you know mice can do a lot of amazing things.  One amazing thing is their ability to climb.  I’ve seen with my own eyes mice climb brick, foundation corners and cedar siding directly into the attic.  If the surface is at all rough, mice can climb it and get in the attic without much issue at all.

Mice in the attic can be diagnosed by looking for several different things and asking some simple questions.  The most  common question is; do you hear mice running and scratching in the attic?  Most homeowners with attic issues will answer yes to this question and then immediately ask; could it be something bigger?  In some cases it is something bigger, but when mice are the culprit its because they are under the insulation and more often than not its the middle of the night.

When a technician arrives at your home, he/she will do an inspection.  During this attic inspection he/she  will be identifying droppings, looking for entrances and most of all starting the process of controlling your mice.  The process will include baiting, trapping and in many cases removal of dead mice from years past.

Another part of rodent control is rodent exclusion.  With a rodent exclusion we can identify and repair areas where mice are getting in.  The service is affordable and well worth the effort.

What happens if the noise your attic isn’t a mouse and what could it be?

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