Termite damage repair cost

Termite damage repair cost can be an enormous expense.  The reason is that just as no two houses are the same no two termite problems are the same either.  I’ve seen termite damage repair cost little more than a few hundred dollars and I’ve seen it run $10k plus.  In most cases the repair cost will be in the middle of these tow figures, but you never can be sure.

The next question most people have is what makes the cost go up or down?

The cost of termite damage repair is directly related to the complexity of the repair and the location.  For instance, in the southern USA there are a lot of crawl space style homes.  In many cases crawl spaces have limited to no access to do a repair.  The opposite is true for the Northeastern portion of the USA where Envirocare Pest Control, LLC is as we have mostly basement construction.  So, the location of the termite damage makes a huge difference expect to pay more if the damage is not easily gotten to.  Think of it this way.  If you were a contractor would you want to spend multiple days on your belly crawling through dirt in a crawl space or work in and open basement?

That brings me to the complexity of the job.  There is a huge gap in complexity between repairing a garage door frame and replacing a carrying beam.  I’ve seen both done extraordinarily well and both done really poorly.  Remember this the materials for termite repair are not the expensive portion of the job.  It’s the labor.  Find a great carpenter who’s done this type of work before.  You won’t be sorry.

Last, no termite damage repair is complete until the home has been treated so that the termites don’t return.   The timing of repair and treatment is up to the contractors involved, but in most cases it’s really just based on availability.

As a pest control company we see the worst of the worst in termite control, but one thing you never see is a house fall down.  It may sound funny when I say that, but many people ask if that’s going to happen.  A house is the sum of it’s parts and the failure of one area will not likely bring a house down.

At Envirocare Pest Control, LLC we don’t do termite damage repair only termite treatments.  However, we’ve been around a long time.  If you need advice or a termite treatment, please call 1-888-879-6481.  We’d be glad to help.