Ants in the kitchen and bathroom

Ants in the kitchen and bathroom, does that sound familiar? If it does be rest assured that you’re not alone.  During the months of April, May and June it’s the most common type of call we field.  The offending ant is typically a carpenter ant.  This may vary from state to state, but in the CT pest control industry that’s likely what you’re dealing with.

The carpenter ant is a larger size black ant that typically forges for food and water in areas like the kitchen and bathroom.  The carpenter ant is a wood destroying insect, but this description can be deceiving because in many cases they’re just nesting in a wall cavity.  However, they do prefer cavities that have some type of moisture.  This is what makes water damaged window frames, door frames, roof lines, shower areas and around dishwashers ideal nesting spots.   Do you have anything like this in your home? Most people do.

When people call our office for a problem with ants in the kitchen and bathroom you’d be surprised at how similar the description of their problem is.  The typical homeowner has the mistaken impression that it’s getting warm so ants are coming alive and found their home again.  The truth is that the ants from the previous season never really left.  If you have a problem with ants in the kitchen and bathroom year after year something is definitely wrong.  No ones luck is that bad.

So, what should you do? The first thing is don’t panic. As I’ve said having and ant problem is normal, but you do need to make some good decisions right away.

We now know that ants nest in walls, so it’s imperative that whomever you use to get rid of the ants knows what they’re doing.  There’s only a few ways to kill a carpenter ant colony.  The first is by finding the colony in a wall and treating it directly (not so easy if you can’t see through walls).  The second is to use professional products that use an ants foraging behavior against them; for this you’ll need a professional.

A professional pest management company knows what to use, where to look and most of all; how to do it safely.  Expect the company you use to do a thorough inspection, ask you lots of questions and recommend followup treatments.  The average carpenter ant treatment will cost about $200-$300 and should take about an 1.5 hours.

If you need a professional carpenter ant service call 1-888-879-6481, we’d be glad to help.