Ticks and fleas in your yard

Ticks and fleas in your yard.  If you haven’t had the misery of having a yard infested with fleas and ticks consider yourself lucky.  For those of us that have we know how long they can stay around and how hard they can be to notice.

The problem with tick and flea yard infestations is that by the time the pest has gotten a grip on the yard it’s to late.  Most people first notice there’s an issue after one of the following events.  They find one of these pests on their body or they find them in their home.  While black legged ticks are not known to be structure infesting, it can happen.  Fleas on the other hand are much different.  They’ll feed on both humans and pets alike and be quite happy inside your home.

Treatment methods

The outside treatment for ticks and fleas is a bit different since they don’t spend much time in the same areas.  Both ticks and fleas spend time in places that will aid in their survival.  In general ticks will be found at the yard perimeter, stonewalls, heavy vegetation and flower beds.  A flea problem will likely be found in the lawn itself.

The difference in treatment techniques will also differ.  When applying a flea treatment the entire lawn surface must be treated.  The applicator will spend much of their time in areas where hosts such as your pets spend their time.  Also, if  you happen to live in an area where there are a lot of stray animals such as cats the fleas will likely be in areas where the cats hide out.  This usually is under decks, carports and in wood piles.  On the other hand tick treatments will likely only take place at the yard perimeter, flower bed areas, stonewalls and other like areas.  It should be noted that treating an entire lawn for ticks is not generally necessary.

Timing of application

The timing of an application for ticks and fleas is the last area where these pests differ.  Tick control is typically done on and ongoing basis starting in roughly April and ending in November.  Flea control is usually a one-time application taking place in August or September.  This is the height of outdoor flea season.

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