What is the cost of mouse extermination?

What is the cost of mouse extermination? It’s a question that pest control companies answer daily. However, instead of asking what is the cost of mouse extermination I think the real question is: what am I getting for my money?

The extermination of mice at first glance may seem easy, but recently mice have become a year-round business. This means that every pest control company in the area will likely be offering the same services. So, the cost of mouse extermination in theory will be very competitive.

What to look for when searching for a mouse control service

First and foremost would be safety. There are some safety practices that sad to say some companies skip. The most important would be that all bait (poison) should be in tamper-resistant boxes so that children and pets can’t gain access to the material. A progressive company will use these boxes in all areas of the home including the attic which typically is not a place children or pets would be found.

Next, a good pest control company is going to use a variety of methods to catch mice. Many pest control companies use only bait in hopes of avoiding a call back to pick up dead mice that a trap would catch. The problem with this is that having a variety of “catch” methods works well for mice. Both the Deer mouse and the House mouse will readily check out new things in their area. This make a using a variety of methods very attractive.

Last, the cost of mouse extermination wouldn’t be complete without finding out how the mice are getting in to begin with. In the pest control industry exclusion is becoming very popular. The problem with popularity is that everyone wants to do it and with that comes outrageous pricing. I’ve been in the pest control industry for 26 years and the truth is that you needn’t pay $2,000–$3,000 or more for a company to come out and exclude mice from the house. In many cases you’re far better off with a company that will plug/seal and perform an inspection. The reason is that unless you live in a very old home there’s likely only a few areas mice can get in in the first place. Is that worth $3,000? No it’s not, but you will get that price from some companies.

The real cost of mouse extermination

The typical homeowner should look to pay anywhere for $475–$675 for a mouse service and exclusion. This price is based on a typical Connecticut colonial that’s about 2,000 square ft. Obviously the price will fluctuate with size and age, but this in my opinion is more than fair. After the exclusion you may want to sign up for regular quarterly service and this will cost anywhere for $75–$110 per quarter. This should include free services during the year if needed!

How much are you willing to pay for mouse extermination?

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