Do you have rodents in walls?

Having rodents in walls is a common issue that needs to be dealt with. Fortunately there’s help available, but keep in mind what you think is a mouse may actually be something else.

During the fall, winter and early spring pest control companies get many calls for rodents in walls. These strange noises are typically attributed to one of the following:

  • Mice
  • Squirrrels
  • Bats

The sounds that homeowners typically describe vary from running to scratching. The noise described may be low or in some cases very loud. In order to get to the bottom of what you’re hearing a thorough inspection needs to be performed on your home. A professional typically can tell what you may have within a few minutes.

The first area inspected will be the attic. During the inspection a professional will mainly be looking for droppings. Since the droppings for every animal are very different it’s easy to ascertain whether you may have bats, grey squirrels, flying squirrels or mice just by identifying the feces.

The second area to be inspected will be the exterior. This part of the inspection will be helpful because in many cases there will be chew holes left at corners, soffits and eaves or there may be back guano on the ground or siding. The chew marks left by grey squirrels and guano left by bats are very distinct and a dead give away that either animal may be present.

The last inspection area will be the basement. The basement inspection will typically show mouse droppings, damaged insulation and rub marks. All characteristic of mice and another clue to your problem.

The pest control inspection is complete.

After the inspection is complete a professional will design a treatment program. The following are what will solve the noises you may be hearing.

Squirrels: These pest can be dealt with in two different ways:

  • Kill traps set in the attic and close to the entrance points outside
  • One way doors that allow exit but not reentry (best for flying squirrels)
  • Live traps in the attic or at the roof line
  • Repair of entrance areas

Mice: A mouse problem is typically dealt with by sealing entrance points, baiting (poison), snap traps and glue boards. This will typically be done throughout the home.

Bats: If the problem is bats a professional will recommend a bat exclusion. In CT bat exclusions are completed March–June 15 and again in August–October. These time periods are the best as all young will be able to fly and trapping bats inside is unlikely.

So, if you have rodents in walls don’t assume it’s mice it may be something else.

If you hear strange noises in the attic or walls please call 1-888-879-6481. Envirocare Pest Control can help.