Carpenter bee exterminator

Carpenter bee exterminators can be hard to find.  The reason is that not all companies treat for carpenter bees and those that do may not be achieving the best results.  In order to treat this pest a few pieces of equipment are needed such as a ladder, bee pole and a reliable dust insecticide.  The following is a breakdown of how each piece of equipment plays a pivotal role for the carpenter bee exterminator.

The first piece of equipment that’s needed is a ladder.  The problem with carpenter bees is that they never seem to drill their holes in areas low to the ground.  For that reason a ladder is going to be needed to reach higher areas of the home.  However, in the pest control industry not all companies allow their technicians to have access to ladders beyond 12′.  The technician without a ladder is at a distinct disadvantage.  In order to combat this disadvantage many companies use what’s called a bee pole or a dust stick.

The dust stick just mentioned is the second piece of equipment needed.  A dust stick is a collapsible pole that can extend from 4 ft to 20 ft.  At the top of the pole there’s a small canister that holds a dust insecticide.  If the pole is tall enough to reach the area it gives the technician the ability to treat safely from the ground without the aid of a tall ladder.  The nozzle at the top fits nicely into all carpenter bee holes where a small coating of dust will kill drilling bees.

Last and likely most important is the type of insecticide being used.  The best formulation to use is a dust insecticide as it can be placed directly into the holes. A liquid can work as well , but the problem would be getting there.  To date there are no “bee poles” on the market that precisely deliver liquids to their intended target.

After a carpenter bee service is done you’ll likely continue to see activity from the males regardless of what equipment is used, but if done properly this too will stop after a short period of time.

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