Mosquito yard spray: Does it work?

ll A mosquito yard spray program is becoming a must have for many homeowners in Ct.  In fact, its one of our biggest growing service segments.  Even so, the first question most people ask is does it work?  Before we give that answer you’ll need to know a bit of background information.

How it’s done

When starting a mosquito yard spray there are many things that need to be taken into account.  The most important are wind speed, rain, and treatment areas.  How each contributes is as follows:

  1. Wind speed:  In order to make an application of a product to your yard the wind clearly can’t be howling.  The reason is that we use a mist blower to apply the product.  If there’s too much wind the product would be applied off target.   On any given day the wind can be different in Waterbury then say in Ridgefield. Technicians make a situational call while on site.
  2. Rain: Since mosquitoes need water as part of their life cycle.  The presence of standing water is of vital importance.  In order for your mosquito yard spray to go well be sure there are no toys, pots, tools in the yard that are trapping water.  These items give mosquitoes a place to breed.  Last, our service people don’t apply during the rain so planning our services is very important.
  3. Treatment areas: This is the most important part of  your mosquito yard spray.  The areas treated are the yard perimeter, flower beds, soffits, under gutters and eaves of the home, tree trunks, 10′ up into trees and under decks just to name a few.  The goal is to treat the mosquitoes while they’re  in their daytime resting areas.  These areas are typically shady and possibly even damp.

Products used

In order to get rid of mosquitoes we use either a pesticide or an organic product.  Of the two the pesticide offers the longest control (3-4 weeks in most cases).  The organic product works, but not as well or for as long.

So does the mosquito yard spray program work?

Yes most definitely, after a mosquito service you’ll notice a drastic difference in the amount of mosquitoes present.  The key is to be realistic.  Having a service doesn’t mean you’ll never see a mosquito, but the yard will be more enjoyable later into the evening.

All our mosquito services are competitively priced and include tick control at no additional charge.

If you have mosquitoes or ticks call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481. We can help