Mouse control in Ct

Mouse control in CT was discussed on the Chaz & AJ in the Morning show on 99.1 PLR?  If you listen you may have heard our Owner David Bisaillon, aka the “Rodent Wrangler,” as a guest on the April 13 show.

Dave’s tips on keeping mice out of your home

1. Mice Can Be Anywhere in Your Home

See mice in your home but can’t catch them? They’re probably hiding out–in your attic. We’ve been to many homes over the years where we’ve found mice hiding out in the attic despite being seen all over the house. It’s common to find mice in the attic–so start by placing traps there.

2. Be Careful About Which Types of Traps You Use

Sticky traps might seem like a good idea but they can be a real nuisance. Imagine what happens if a mouse gets stuck on a trap but then pulls it into an area where you can’t reach it and dies? (Like between walls) Our trapping methods account take care of this problem before it starts.

3. If You See a Mouse, You Probably Have Several

When you see a mouse, you can be sure there are more lurking nearby. We often say that it isn’t about the pests you see but about the ones you don’t see. If you are going to buy 10 traps, buy 20 instead, chances are you’ll need them.

If you’ve got a pesky mice problem that won’t go away call “the Rodent Wranger” Dave Bisaillon and his team at Envirocare. And be sure to listen to the Chaz & AJ in the Morning show!