How to catch mice in a home

How to catch mice is a matter of persistence and knowing the particulars of your prey. Can you do it?

Every year mice are a problem throughout the world.  Over history rodents in general have been responsible for not only disease, but also contamination of food stuffs and food areas.  To say that mice are resilient is an understatement.  So what’s the best way to catch a mouse?

Mouse trap
Mouse successfully caught

One of the first things that you learn when you enter the pest control industry is how to set a trap.  The reason is that trapping is by far the quickest way to gain the upper hand on a mouse population.  The mouse trap when learning how to catch mice should be the cornerstone of your efforts.  There are 3 reasons why traps are so important. They are as follows:

Ease of use: The mouse trap has been around for sometime and frankly the original design is remarkably similar to the current day version.  When you first learn how to catch mice with a trap you’ll be surprised to find out that you don’t always need bait.  The reason is that mice will readily investigate new things in their territory.  If you’re going to use bait you can use peanut butter, chocolate syrup or even dental floss that mice will readily take for nesting material.  In order to be successful with traps set the kill bar to areas where mice are running along or areas where droppings are present.   Last, don’t be stingy with traps make sure you set quite a few to double the chances of catching them.  How many? 10-15 isn’t a lot.

Humane:  If mice are inside and you must remove them traps are very humane.  When you catch mice with traps death is swift.  No one looks forward to killing anything, but if you must traps work.

Rodenticides (poison): This last way to kill mice is far less palatable than traps and also the most controversial.  Poisons. The first reason is that poisons aren’t all humane. All rodenticides take anywhere from 1-4 days for the animal to succumb.  During this time the process of anticoagulation takes place within the body. Next, there is the the problem of harming off target wildlife, especially birds or prey.

Finally, rodenticides are no longer readily available to the public and can be costly.  If you’re going to use poison you’d better know what you’re doing.


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