Do franchises supply leads?

Do franchises supply leads to entrepreneurs? This question comes up all the time when speaking to a prospective franchisee.  The answer is both yes and no.

When people look at business opportunities many fantasize about becoming wealthy, having free time and the ability to control their own destiny.  All of this could happen, but how?  In order to be successful you must have customers and in order to have customers you must advertise.  No franchisor despite what the ads sound like is going to “make” customers magically appear at your door. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

I once read a book by Chet Holmes called the Ultimate Sales Machine (great book by the way) and in it he talks about pig headed discipline.  Without recapping the entire chapter the idea was to develop a plan and stick to it.  This is where a franchisor can help, but it’s still up to you.

There’s no magic to the success of franchised businesses.  In fact franchised businesses fail every year.  However, much of the reason that some franchisees are eventually successful is that they were given a plan that the franchisor has developed.

A good franchisor has a unit(s) up and running that has proven this plan and use it themselves, but what about leads!! Yes, most franchises do supply leads, but not the way you think.  Most of the leads you’ll get are from name recognition, cooperative advertising and from advertising that you pay the franchisor to make.  These efforts may produce steady leads, but not enough to make make you a success.

The franchisee franchisor relationship is a complicated one.  This is the reason for the FDD.  This one document spells out all the “rules” to the game.  I don’t know of many franchisors that will supply you a living in the form of leads without effort on your part.  You may get some leads, but you’re more likely to get a plan of when to advertise, what to advertise and where. If you follow this plan with pig headed discipline you’re more likely to reach your goal of wealth, freedom and the ability to call your own shots.

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