Termites and pressure treated wood

Termites and pressure treated wood are generally two things you don’t hear in the same sentence.  This is mainly because we’ve been led to believe that pressure treated wood will prevent all instances of termites.  Contractors use treated wood for ground contact installs, new sill plates and finally even to repair termite damage.  I have proof to say treated wood is good, but not that good.

Pressure treated wood was invented in the 60’s and lead to a revolution in building because it protected wood from rot for very long periods of time.  Pressure treated wood also protected from insects.  It’s unlikely that insects would survive feeding on it.  However, as a pest management professional I’m here to tell you it has limitations.

Termites have been around for 250 million years.  The reason, as with other living things is that they adapt and learn how to survive.

Pressure treated wood and termites
Termites will readily tube over treated wood

While termites won’t eat treated wood they will readily tube over it. This is where the problem lies.

Over the years termites have been given many obstacles including termite shields, pressure treated wood and others.  The most lasting has been treated wood.  The problem with treated wood is not that it doesn’t work, it does.  The issue is that it’s relied upon to much.

The owner of the home pictured to the left had thousands of dollars worth of termite repair done in 2018.  Under the advice of her contractor she was told that the home didn’t need to be treated for termites because he repaired the damage with treated lumber.  As it turns out this mistake had consequences 2 years later.


In May 2020 the homeowner of this property needed to have more repair work done when the termites returned.  However, this time she called Envirocare Pest Control and we treated the home for termites first, then appropriate repairs were made.  In essence since there was no treatment the first time this homeowner paid for the same job twice.

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