How do gutters effect pest control?


How do gutters effect pest control? Did you know that having properly screened gutters not only will prolong the life of the gutter and your home, but it’s also necessary for proper pest management?

The gutter is as old as the modern home itself.  It diverts water away from your foundation to keep the basement from flooding, it stops soil erosion and keeps the rain from cascading onto us when we walk out doors.  However, clean and clear gutters are far more important than just that.

In the pest control industry, we look to gutters for a few more reasons than just the those listed above.

How do gutters effect pest control? Mosquitoes love them 

Clogged gutters
Clogged gutters make a great home for pests

The very nature of a clogged gutter means it’s trapping water this is the main way how gutters effect pest control.  Unfortunately, mosquitoes need water to breed.  If you have a mosquito problem, it may be because your gutters are clogged.  Mosquitoes are a well-known vector of disease.  In fact, there have been 7 disease taken form mosquitoes from CT in on the past year.

Clogged gutters and carpenter ants

If your gutters are clogged, you run the risk of having water back up. This is a recipe for ice dams, interior water damage as well as a carpenter ant infestation.  Of all the remote places carpenter ants build nests, the roof line is the hardest to find and eliminate.  Make no mistake about it your gutters and carpenter ants are directly related. If you ever ask an exterminator how do gutters effect pest control and they can’t answer there’s a problem.

Wasps nest in gutters

This may seem odd, but paper wasps regularly build their nests in gutters.  It’s the ideal spot and the truth is unless your exterminator uses ladders its next to impossible to control.  Look at your gutters do you see wasps flying around them?

No more clogged gutters or pests related to them

Clean well screened gutters are the answer to protecting your home while making sure that you’re keeping pests at bay.  Our pest and leaf control gutter system is installed to the highest standards.  If they become clogged, we’ll fix it free of charge.

Envirocare Pest Controls Gutter Protection Program

We install every gutter cover system the same.  Here’s our process

  1. Inspect the functionality of the gutters to see if our system is your best option
  2. Clean and flush the entire gutter system
  3. Seal leaking seams if they exist
  4. Measure and install the gutter screens
  5. Give a lifetime yearly renewable warranty on every system


If you have a pest control problem or need gutter covers, call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.

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