Termite damage in your house

Termite damage in your house? It can show up just about anywhere.  The problem is that most homeowners don’t always know what they’re looking for.  This is the first and best reason to get a yearly termite inspection.

Termites are a neighborhood problem

As a veteran termite inspector who has been working in the same towns for years I know what parts of many towns have serious termite issues.  The reason is that termites are a neighborhood problem.  In fact, if your neighbor has had termites you’re home is more than likely effected as well.  Having a yearly termite inspection is good insurance against preventing major damage

Good termite inspectors know if a home has had a previous treatment

One thing that all good termite inspectors are looking other than termite damage in your house is past evidence of treatment.  This is important to know because it may be able to time stamp when the damage occurred.  How do we know?  All termite treatments leave telltale signs such as patched drill holes in exterior slabs and hollow block walls.  If you have an inspector who’s been around for a while they may even be able to tell you the approximate year it was treated just by looking at the spacing between holes

Termite damage in your house is not always in predictable areas

One of the most frustrating parts of termite work is that once you think you have everything figured out “the bugs” win again.  Termite damage in your house can be unpredictable.

Termite damage to house
Termite damage to a work top wood bench

This was the case in the picture to the left. The team at Envirocare Pest Control had performed a termite inspection and found no evidence of termites.  Before we left we found a room that was missed.  We moved a few boxes on the work bench and lives termites in the bench top as well as the boxes was found.

When we investigated further we discovered that termites has come through the stone wall abutting the bench, and never got to the structure.  They only fed on the wood bench and it’s contents.

Other strange areas to find termite damage in your house

Over the years I’ve found termite damage in enough obscure places to realize that termite inspections are vital.  I’ve found termites in furniture, hardwood floors, attics and piles of paper just to name a few.  If it’s made of cellulose its fair game.

When dealing with your home don’t take any chances.  Termites do billions of dollars worth of damage a year.  Are you next?

If you think you have termite damage in your house, call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.