Ants in the walls? It happens

Ants in the walls is a very real thing.  In fact, one of the most obvious signs of ants in the walls is them pushing out a material called frass.  Carpenter ants certainly not the only pest that creates frass, but they are the most common.

If you live in rural Connecticut then at some point a home that you’ve lived in likely had carpenter ants.  They’re the number one pest that our staff fields calls for and can also be the biggest headache.  The reason is that while ants can come from the outside, it’s more likely that they’re nesting in your home.  Finding large scale ant issues can be a challenge that changes per season.

Carpenter ants in the walls during winter

The cold weather doesn’t stop ants or kill them.  Instead they’ll spend about 4-5 months inside the walls of your home.  You likely won’t see them, but they’re there waiting for the weather to warm so they can become fully active.

Carpenter ants in the walls cause frass
Frass from carpenter ants at an inspection

However, that’s not to imply that some people don’t see ants in the winter because they do if they’re nesting in a warm interior wall.

Interestingly, carpenter ants can also nest in places you’d never dream of like hollow doors, shower rods and stored items. Strange, but it happens.

Spring for ants

Our busiest 3 months of the year are by far and away April, May and June.  The reason is that ants both inside and outside are now active.

The call to a pest control service at this time of the year is a sheer necessity.  Some people will wake up to 60-100 ants in their kitchen and while they certainly won’t hurt you it definitely needs to be investigated.

During a carpenter ant inspection in the spring the ants are likely coming from inside the home.  The reason is that although you see ants during the day, they’re mostly nocturnal.  Overnight temperatures are still to cold for ants to be very active at this time of the year.  The reason you’re seeing them is that your walls are far warmer and can easily support a colony of ants.  It’s been a long winter and they’re ready for action.

Carpenter ants in the walls during the summer

Here’s a tricky one, but you’re going to have to trust me.  Ants, especially carpenter ants will nest in your home, but forage outside.  The reason is that now that everything is in bloom aphids are active.  This tiny insect actually secretes a sweet honeydew that ants love.  So, the reason you stopped seeing ants inside is not because they just went away, it’s because they’re spending much of their time outdoors.

Fall pest control for carpenter ants

Fall is the time of the year when ants are already nesting in your walls or a new colony may just be starting.  These “new” ants are likely not going to be seen much as their numbers are very small, but over time a nest can get large.  However, even in a well established colony fall is a time of year when things begin to slow down.  For now the action is over as winter will be setting in and the process starting all over again.

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