Bird feeders bring rats to your yard

Bird feeders bring rats to your yard.  In fact, I’d say it’s the primarily cause of rat issues in the suburbs.  Once you have rats in your yard it can become very difficult to get rid of the issue without the help of a professional.

In order for rats to survive they need all the same things you and I do, namely food, water and shelter. For most rats in CT the biggest issue is the water, as food is plentiful.

The main species of rat we have in CT is the Norway rat.  They have specific likes and dislikes, here’s what you’ll need to know about why bird feeders bring rats to your yard.

Rats in CT are everywhere

First, the Norway rat lives mainly underground (although they can be found anywhere).  The burrows that they dig are round and about the size of a baseball.  These burrows are most likely to be against walls, under bushes or at a minimum close to a food source.  Our CT rat has about 6-9 young and MUST drink about 1 ounce of water per day, without it they will fair poorly.

Second, the Norway rat will not only feed on bird seed, but also left over vegetables from a garden, fallen fruit from trees, animal food and garbage just to name a few.

Norway rats are shy, but know opportunity

Life as a Norway rat in CT can be a struggle.  They’re very shy and depending on the size of the population they can be seen day or night.

Our rat has a range of about 40-60 feet from their burrows.  Once they find a food source they and their progeny are not leaving very easily.  They’ll continue to exploit a food source until it’s depleted.

Getting rid of rats in your yard

Bird feeders bring rats
The overflow from a bird feeder is a food source for rats

There hasn’t been much good news in this post and this next part is not likely to be considered good news either.  If the rats in your yard are established you will need a professional and any good exterminator is going to tell you the bird feeders must go.  There will likely be very little anything a professional can do if they remain.  The competing food source will be too much to overcome.

Getting ready to get rid of rats

In order to start the process you must do the following:

  1. Rid the yard of ALL the bird feeders
  2. Rake or vacuum the ground beneath the feeders
  3. Rid the yard of excess clutter, high grass, left over gardens and pick up fruit from trees that may have fallen to the ground
Pest control for rats in your yard

The process for exterminating the rats will likely start with an inspection.  Once this is complete your pest management professional will utilize baits, kill traps, tracking powders and granule baits.  Your yard and circumstances will dictate which method(s) is best.

Getting rid of rats that may have made their way to your yard is a must.  If you let it go the rat population will quickly get out of hand.  Calling a professional pest management service in CT like Envirocare Pest Control is your best bet.

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