Mice in the office? Send them packing

Mice in the office is a common problem that we deal with daily.  You’ll need to know the basics before you try yourself. I’m not going to bore you with details of rodent reproduction.  The reason is that you’re likely here only to find out how the mice got in and how to get rid […]

Where are mice getting in

Where are mice getting in?  It’s a fair question that’s doesn’t always have an easy answer.  There are the common areas such as garage doors that have worn weather stripping and exterior utility penetrations, but those are obvious.  Read on to see if the mice that are ruining your attic or basement may be gaining […]

Keep mice out permanently?

Keep mice out permanently?  I’ve heard many people say that it’s not possible.  I’m hear to tell you that it is and we do it.  You’ll also be surprised at some of the unintended benefits that come with it that help the environment. If you want to keep mice out permanently read on. Mice get […]

Bees in the house? A summer problem only?

Bees in the house or should I say wasps? Many people including many professionals use the word interchangeably.  Many, including myself will also tell you that wasps in Connecticut are dead and gone after several freezes.  I’m writing this blog post to admit I was wrong, sort of. Bees in the house along with a […]

How much is a treatment for termites

How much is a treatment for termites?  The answer depends on the size, difficulty of treatment and other factors.   In Connecticut there are two different methods used to treat termites.  Envirocare Pest Control offers both, but really recommends one over the other. A termite treatment in CT can be difficult Connecticut is a unique state […]