How are mice getting into your home

How are mice getting into your home? It’s an age old question that in most cases has an obvious answer.  The main culprit can be your garage.  The reason garages allow mice in are numerous.  However, the most obvious is that the weather stripping is worn, improperly installed or rodents just flat out chewed threw through it.  Here’s what you should be looking for.

Did mice chew their way into your house?

Here’s a fact, mice and rats are prolific chewers and the average garage has weather stripping that’s made from rubber.  Many times this is how mice are getting into your home.

Chewed rat hole
An obvious hole chewed by a rat

The picture to the right is an obvious rat hole that the homeowner failed to notice.  After this inspection solving the problem became much easier.

Is your garage trim installed correctly, this can be how mice are getting in?

One of the more maddening ways mice are gaining entrance into your home is completely avoidable.  Mice need a hole about the size of a dime to get inside and rats just a bit larger.  For that reason proper building construction is a must. The problem with most contractors is that pest control is an afterthought and the homeowner is who ends up losing.  Mice getting into your home is preventable, if everyone is on the same page.

Garage trim installed imporperly
Garage trim doesn’t go to the ground

When inspecting your garage for obvious defects or improper installation you’ll need to start with the trim.  The vinyl piece at the left and right should go to the ground and be in good repair.  If not this can be how mice are getting into your home.  The picture to the left is a prime example how a garage can look fine, but not be correct.  This home in Washington, CT had an enormous rodent problem before this issue was noticed.

Worn garage parts are a problem too

As with most things maintenance is required. Having mice in your home is the first sign that something is wrong.  It happens, but it can be avoided.  The following are the most typical items that wear and allow mice into your home and garage.

  1. The concrete is crumbling at the entrance
  2. There is settling that doesn’t allow the garage to close properly
  3. The weather stripping is intact, but brittle and crumbling

Can a pest control company like Envirocare Pest Control fix your garage?

Technically no a pest control company can’t “fix” your garage if it’s a broken door, springs or any mechanical attachment.  For these services you’ll need a certified garage door company.  However, a pest control company with a home improvement license can replace trim and do simple weather stripping repairs.  In fact, a company like Envirocare Pest Control may be more qualified than a building contractor as we take a whole house approach to figure out how mice are getting in.

While there we’ll also remove any mice that have gotten in.  A garage door contractor can’t do that.

Fixing your garage is imperative to keeping mice out and only a pest control company can offer permanent solutions.  If you have mice it may be worth a free inspection from Envirocare Pest Control to see how we can help.  We’re a toll free call away at 1-888-879-6481