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Mold in Your Attic

Removing attic mold from the inside of a roof

Let’s face it no one wants mold.  The very word is enough to scare any homeowner into action.  Did you know that one of the most common places to find mold is in your attic?

Envirocare Specializes in Attic Mold Removal

Mold in attics is most often directly related to warm air from your home rising into the attic and mixing with the cold air on the underside of the roof.  This happens because heat in lower levels escapes around lights, cracks in drywall, bathroom fans venting into the attic and improper ventilation.

Attic Mold is the Best Type of Mold to Have

Mold is all around us and usually isn’t a problem. It only becomes a problem when ideal conditions are present for it to grow.

Mold is responsible for the health issues of many people.  It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to have been feeling unwell for years only to find mold, have it remediated and instantly feel better.

No heavy concentration of mold is good in any portion of a home.  However, attic mold is the best to have.  The reason is that all homes have what is called the stack effect.

The air pressure from the stack effect pushes mold spores up away from living areas, not into them.

Damp areas within a typical household attic is a common problem

Envirocare Can Get Rid of Attic Mold

Although the stack effect is working in your favor, attic mold must be attended to.  This is especially true of mold found during real estate inspections.  No buyer is likely to agree to purchase a home with attic mold.

At Envirocare we take a straightforward approach to remediating attic mold.  Most attic mold treatments take 1-2 days and can leave your attic looking like new.

Steps to Attic Mold Removal

  1. Provide a thorough inspection find the root cause of the mold issueMold behind drywall and studs in a house
  2. Correct the cause of the attic mold
  3. Set up containment to prevent the mold from traveling to unaffected areas of the home while remediation takes place
  4. Set up a negative air machine in the attic to push mold spores out
  5. Set up an air scrubber near the attic hatch to absorb mold spores in the unlikely event any release from the attic
  6. Remove/ clean the attic contents if affected
  7. HEPA vac the roof sheathing and rafters to remove mold spores
  8. Treat all the areas with a mold cleaner that will make all the black spots disappear
  9. Once dry, we’ll then apply a product that will permanently kill the mold and prevent regrowth

Mold-Free Warranty

Envirocare provides a 5-year mold-free attic warranty that is transferable to a new owner at no charge.

Call Envirocare today at 1-888-879-6481 to find out how Envirocare can solve your attic mold problem, or contact us online for more information.

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