May is termite season in Connecticut

May is termite season in Connecticut and while termites can be found year round May is the busiest month.  If you’re a homeowner there are some things about termites in Ct that you should know.  Failing to catch the telltale signs of a problem can lead to more severe damage within your home. May is […]

Ridgefield CT pest control services

Ridgefield Ct pest control services are in great demand.  The reason is that Ridgefield has a perfect mix of older and newer homes as well as homes tucked deep in the woods. Pest control Ridgefield, CT Having worked in the pest control industry for 28 years I’m familiar with the service needs of Ridgefield residents.  […]

How are mice getting into your home

How are mice getting into your home? It’s an age old question that in most cases has an obvious answer.  The main culprit can be your garage.  The reason garages allow mice in are numerous.  However, the most obvious is that the weather stripping is worn, improperly installed or rodents just flat out chewed threw […]

Fruit flies in the kitchen? Save money DIY

Fruit flies in the kitchen is a common problem in many homes.  In most cases a pest control company is not needed. Knowing where to look and what to look for will help you solve the problem on your own. Flies in the kitchen? When a commercial customer calls and says that they have fly […]