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Carpenter ant frass is a common symptom of having a carpenter ant colony residing within the walls of your home.  Most people outside of the Ct pest control industry are under the mistaken impression that carpenter ants actually eat wood. They don’t.  Instead what carpenter ants do is chew through wood and “spit” it out in the form of carpenter ant frass.  This frass is essentially the wood that the carpenter ants have chewed along with the garbage from the nest.  If you’re unfortunate enough to have a carpenter ant colony within your home carpenter ant frass should be alarming enough that you consult a professional.

The following are the most common places to find carpenter ant frass:

If you look at the preceding list, what is the common theme?  You guessed it; water!

Carpenter ant frass is usually, but not always going to be found in areas where there’s some type of water or water damage.  Truth is that carpenter ants are lazy and although they can chew through dry wood they prefer wood that is wet, it’s much easier to get through.

So, once you’ve identified carpenter ant frass correctly what should you do?  If you’re a do it yourself kind of person the best bet is to fix the water damage around the area where the frass is located.  During the process of the repair you’ll find the nest not far from the area where the moisture is located.  Once the nest is found live ants can be exterminated with a store bought insecticide and/or vacuumed and removed.

If you aren’t a do it yourself kind of person and you contact a professional CT pest control company (like Envirocare Pest Control, LLC) the process of eliminating a nest within a wall will look something like this:

  1. A small hole will be drilled through the drywall or wood framed area
  2. An insecticidal dust will be injected with a tool called a hand duster
  3. Crack and crevices may injected with a non residual aerosol to flush ants out
  4. The area where the holes were drilled will be repaired with wood putty or drywall filler

Finding a carpenter ant colony can be difficult, but if you find carpenter ant frass the nest isn’t far behind.

If you have a carpenter ant problem and need help, please call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC at 1-888-879-6481.