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Bat in the house: What to do?

Bat in the house?  It’s a common problem that usually takes place at some very definite times of year.  If you’re having this problem it’s likely either the beginning of fall, early spring or winter. A bat in the house typically means you have bats.  It can be scary, but knowing what’s going on and […]

bats David Bisaillon February 11th, 2017

Rodent Damaged Insulation

Rodent damaged insulation is common in many homes.  However, more often than not the homeowners do nothing about it.  I’m guessing that they think replacing rodent damaged insulation is to difficult or to expensive.  On the contrary , quite the opposite is true.  In fact, from a health standpoint you probably can’t afford not to […]

bats, general, Home Improvement, rodents, squirrels David Bisaillon January 12th, 2016

Do all bats have rabies?

Bats, while good for the environment can be dangerous to human health.  The main reason is that bats can carry rabies.  Bat and rabies go hand in hand and while there’s less than a 1% chance that a bat will have rabies; it’s best to treat every bat as if they’re infected.  What is rabies? […]

bats, Uncategorized David Bisaillon March 9th, 2015

Bats In Barns: It’s not a lost cause

Bats in barns are a very common problem in rural towns like Southbury, CT.  Recently we were called to a home that had a barn that was being used as an antique storage area.  As you can imagine having bat guano and urine drop onto antiques is not a good thing. Bat guano has been […]

bats David Bisaillon May 7th, 2014

Bats in your house

Bats in your house especially an attic areas happen all the time but what about a basement?  Bats are a concern and you may need to hire a qualified exterminator like Envirocare Pest Control to perform a bat exclusion. The bat caught in this mouse trap was taken in a home in Southbury, CT.  The […]

bats David Bisaillon April 1st, 2014