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We were pleased to share some tick prevention tips with Doug from the blog recently, including: Use pesticide treatments over organic treatments as the residual and effectiveness of these products is proven and more effective over the long term. Please click this link to read more tips and protect yourself from ticks this spring […]

ticks wsadmin May 1st, 2017

Natural deer tick control. Is it possible?

Natural deer tick control is something that everyone wants.  It’s natural so it must be good, right?  Yet there are two types of natural deer tick control. The first type are products that have a federal 25b exemption.  If you’re unfamiliar with the exemption you should know that there’s an entire list of products that […]

ticks David Bisaillon April 10th, 2017

Mosquito Bites: Why you?

Mosquito bites are part of summer life in CT.  In fact, a summer without mosquitoes would be pleasant, but odd.  There are some people however that just seem to be more sensitive to mosquito bites.  Here’s why and some tips to make your summer more comfortable. Mosquitoes are blood suckers and in CT they’re mainly […]

mosquitoes, ticks David Bisaillon March 17th, 2017

Tick treatment options

Tick treatment options vary from company to company and depending on who you talk to they’re mostly all successful.  Everyone in the tick control industry is going to tell you that their tick treatment option is the best.  The fact is that as long as label directions are followed most all treatments will kill ticks. […]

lyme disease, ticks David Bisaillon March 1st, 2017

CT Tick Extermination

CT tick extermination is very important.  The reason, as many of you know is that the most prevalent tick in CT is the deer tick and the deer tick is responsible for Lyme disease. Having been the the Ct tick extermination business for so long there’s no end to the myths and fallacies that I […]

lyme disease, mosquitoes, pest control, ticks David Bisaillon February 19th, 2016