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Get rid of carpenter ants the right way

So, you want to get rid of carpenter ants!!  It’s really not that hard, once you find where the carpenter ant colony is located.  In previous posts I’ve gone over where to look for carpenter ants so we won’t be revisiting that.  My purpose for this post will be to explain what is actually done to […]

carpenter ants, Uncategorized David Bisaillon June 9th, 2016

CT Exterminators

CT exterminators are unique in that we deal with all kinds of strange situations. Our weather is such that we have many different pests that can be challenging at different times of the year. The challenges that CT exterminators are faced with are typically because of the weather. However, there are times when the pests […]

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Carpenter ant problem in your home?

A carpenter ant problem in your home is the most common pest issue you’ll likely face during the months of April through August.  This will be especially true if you had a problem with carpenter ants in your home last year. The fact is that until you get rid of the nest that likely resides […]

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Do all bats have rabies?

Bats, while good for the environment can be dangerous to human health.  The main reason is that bats can carry rabies.  Bat and rabies go hand in hand and while there’s less than a 1% chance that a bat will have rabies; it’s best to treat every bat as if they’re infected.  What is rabies? […]

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Wasps in winter

Many people mistakenly believe that wasps die during the winter, but this is only half the truth.  In fact, what actually happens is that during the late fall the drones in a colony die off, but fertilized females actually survive the harsh winter temperatures. The next question people ask about wasps in winter is; how […]

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