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Connecticut Pest Control, Exterminator and Wildlife Removal

How to Choose an Exterminator

5 Facts to Help You Choose a Termite Exterminator:

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Choosing a termite exterminator is a big choice and it has less to do with price than you’d think. Here are some facts about the pest control industry that you need to be aware of when choosing a service provider:

  1. Some companies will use cheaper products to save on the cost of termite control
  2. There are many new companies in CT, some with little experience in termite control
  3. Not all companies provide continuous training
  4. Not all warranties are transferable
  5. It’s state law that exterminators must retain records for 5 years
  1. Some companies use cheaper products:

The costs of great termite control products are quite high.  However, there are products available to the professional that are more than half of the price of a brand name product.  There is a difference between repellant and non-repellant termiticides.  It’s important for the homeowner to know that the non-repellant products are the new standard. You should be asking your technician what product they’re using.  If it’s a repellant product refuse the service and ask for a non-repellant.

  1. There are many new companies in CT

I’m all in favor of entrepreneurship, but some of the newer companies in the industry are inadequately trained and have very little practical experience in the termite control industry.  In general you can tell the age of a company by their business license number.   Any number around 1,400 has been around for approximately 15 years.  Alternatively, you can call the Connecticut DEEP for more information about a company.  The pest control industry has very low barriers to entry.  If you pass an exam at DEEP and file the appropriate paperwork you can be in business within 30 days.

  1. Not all companies provide continuous training: 

There is no required training for employees in CT.  A safety test is all that is required.  If you pass the test you may work in the industry under a certified supervisor.  It’s up to the supervisor to train their staff.  If the supervisor is ill equipped for training, none occurs.  This is bad news for the homeowner.

  1. Not all warranties are transferable: 

After completion of a termite treatment most all companies extend a warranty to the homeowner.  When the homeowner sells the property the warranty for the home should be transferable to a new owner at no charge.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.   Some companies charge for the transfer of a warranty.

  1. Records to be kept for 5 years:

Pest control companies are mandated by the State of Connecticut to keep all records for five years.  The reason that’s important is that over the past 5 years thousands of homes have changed hands.  If you have a home inspection on a home that is vacant it’s possible to find out who treated the home simply by calling local pest control providers.  The treating company may extend a warranty because they’ve already serviced the home.  A new company is unlikely to do this and the home will need to be treated from scratch.

Termite control is such an important service that the homeowner should do their due diligence before they choose a company to provide the service.  Many homeowners in this tight economy will pick the lowest price.  Keep in mind that in the pest control industry the lowest price is a mistake.  The reason is that both large and small companies are competing on a fairly even playing field.  There are really only two places to cut costs: time or material.  Neither of these cuts works out very well for the homeowner.

Choose wisely.

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