MouseShield Pest Control Service

How many mice have you caught in your home over the past year? If the number that you come up with is well beyond what you can handle, then MouseShield by Envirocare Pest Control may be for you.

The truth is you’ll never achieve 100% control of rodents in your home. Mice are too opportunistic and too many variables exist to say you’ll never see another mouse again. However, we guarantee having MouseShield installed by Envirocare Pest Control will get you as close to rodent-free as possible.

MouseShield was developed out of desperation. Two years ago Envirocare Pest Control moved its office to a Cape Cod style home in a Watertown, CT industrial park. The home is a combination of older and newer construction. Our first winter in the building was terrible. We were inundated with mice. Our office staff was miserable. We used traps, baits and even did a typical rodent exclusion. Everything failed. It got so bad we literally had a mouse fall out of a gap around a structural beam. Not good, but unfortunately completely true.

Perfecting the Solution

Owner David Bisaillon and Nuisance Wildlife Manager Jonathan Russell developed a way of keeping mice out. Dave perfected the idea and developed the program, and Jon cuts, measures, and installs the program – so it works.

What You’ll Get from Other Companies

Both large and small companies advertise rodent exclusions. What most companies do is close the obvious areas where mice may be getting in. The truth is, however, that you don’t need to hire someone to do that. Anyone can plug obvious holes. You need a company that looks for the places that aren’t so obvious – that’s where we come in.

The #1 Rodent Solution in Connecticut

Our MouseShield program is different. We use products that will stand the test of time – a combination of liquid rodent repellents, custom bent aluminum, cement, clear caulks and metal. Our exclusion technicians also have a construction background, so we really know our way around a house. MouseShield includes a solution for garages, attics, gaps at pipe openings, gaps at corners, soffits and more.

There is no other rodent extermination or rodent exclusion service like it in Connecticut. MouseShield by Envirocare Pest Control is the #1 method of exclusion for rodents! We’re that confident in the service we’re offering.

If you’d like to hear more about MouseShield or see how it can keep rodents out of your home, please call 1-888-879-6481 or contact us via the form. Tell the office staff that you want the owner to explain MouseShield to you personally!