Termite Evidence

Termite evidence comes in many different forms.  However, the two most popular things people see prior to calling an exterminator are termite shelter tubes and swarming termites. The two may or may not be seen together. Termite Shelter Tubes, One Form Of Termite Evidence Termite shelter tubes or mud tubes are tubes made of mud […]

Termites With Wings

The first sign for a homeowner that a home may have termites is when that homeowner see’s termites with wings.  To be sure, many homeowners over the years have seen this in known CT termite towns like Waterbury, Cheshire, Southington and Fairfield, but you should know not all ants with wings are termites. As a […]

Termite treatment in Southington, CT

Needing a termite treatment for a home is common.  After all a home with termites is serious business and it will take a professional exterminator to provide and inspection to make sure that your home gets the termite treatment it needs. Recently, Envirocare Pest Control provided a termite inspection and termite treatment  for a home on […]

Termite Treatment and How It’s Performed

Today we did a termite treatment in Beacon Falls, CT.  The customer was an engineer and wanted to know some of the more technical things about termite control.  By his own admission he just didn’t want to know that the bugs we gone.  He wanted to know how and why they were gone.  Fair enough, […]