Termite Treatment Advice Taken

Today I went to a house that our company Envirocare Pest Control treated for termites.  The home is located in Wolcott, CT.  When the home was originally treated for termites the damage was extensive.  The sill plate along the front and right side of the home was so badly damaged from termites that the entire […]

Powder Post Beetles In Wood

You don’t come across things like this very often, but when you do it’s very interesting.  We received a call from a homeowner with powder post beetles in a piece of “green wood”.  The beetles were burrowing out and leaving frass all over the kitchen in this beautifully renovated 1930’s country home. It’s difficult to […]

Termites Information

Remember when your purchasing a home it’s important to have a termite inspection.  We received a call from a new homeowner last week that was instructed by a family member prior to their inspection that there are very few homes in Connecticut that have termites.  The home inspector tried unsuccessfully to change their mind, but […]