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Connecticut Pest Control, Exterminator and Wildlife Removal

Termite Treatment in Prospect, CT

If you need a termite exterminator in Prospect you’re not alone. Some areas of the town have more termite activity than others, especially at the bottom of Route 69 and the border areas of Naugatuck. Prospect has sandy soil which may be one of the leading causes of termite activity.

Live Termites

Live Termites

How do you know you have termites?

Most homeowners first become aware that there may be a termite problem in their home when they have a termite swarm.  A termite swarm usually takes place around mid-day when the temperatures are around 65-75 degrees.  Typically swarms happen in the spring.  A homeowner can recognize a termite swarm since they will see hundreds of small insects with long white wings congregating in a particular area. Upon further inspection the homeowner will notice that there will be hundreds of discarded termite wings on the floor.

What’s the difference between termites with wings and ants with wings?

To the trained eye the difference between ants with wings and termites with wings is obvious.  However, to a lay person it may not be.  Here is what you need to look for to tell the difference:

  • Ÿ  Ants have 4 wings two long and two short
  • Ÿ  Termites have 4 wings all of equal length
  • Ÿ  Ants have 3 distinct body sections
  • Ÿ  Termites have 2 and are much smaller

What to do if you observe swarming termites?

If you suspect that you have termites the first thing to do is not to panic.  Termites in Prospect are common and everything can be fixed.

The best course of action is to save a sample and make a mental note of where you found the termites.  Next, call a qualified professional to provide a free termite inspection.

What will happen during a termite inspection?

When your home is scheduled for a termite inspection it’s important that the company have access to all areas of your home.  The most important area will be the basement.  Your termite inspector will use a screwdriver to probe the wood looking for soft spots and areas of additional damage.

Once the inspection is complete and termites are found the inspector will go over his findings and provide a free quote for treatment.  Most homes will only require one treatment that can be provided soon after the inspection takes place.

Having termites in your home can be scary, but if you’ve done your homework and partnered with a company that you can trust then the process of ridding your home of termites will be painless.

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