Rodent Repellents

Liquid Rodent Repellants Work

Recently, our company has started to use a liquid rodent repellant. To my surprise it seems to work! Now, lets be clear this product isn’t the do all end all, but we have seen a decrease in certain accounts where the product has been used. The active ingredients in the product we are using are as follows:

Lemon grass oil, Castor oil, Clove leaf oil, Mentha piperita oil, garlic oil, sodium chloride, white pepper. The inert ingredients are: Acetic acid, Gum arabic, onion powder, vegetable oil, whole edible eggs and water

It’s kind of like a bad omelet.

The product has a definite odor that dissipates about 30 minutes after application and will stain if applied to siding (a competitor found this out the hard way).

The product can be applied to foundations, around hot tubs, garage frames or just about anywhere that’s not the same material as vinyl siding.

We use this new rodent repellant on all quarterly customers homes from the months of Nov-Feb.

If you’re having a rodent problem, please call us at 1-888-879-6481