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You’ve been hearing crackling sounds in your walls, you’ve seen little piles of ant frass near window or door frames – or you’ve even seen big black ants inside your home. All the signs suggest that you may have an ant problem in your home.

In Connecticut, there are four species of ants which typically invade homes. All of these can be active year-round if they have the right conditions to survive. However, only the carpenter ant will actually destroy wood. In this case, you may see a material called “frass” which looks like sawdust and is made up of chewed wood and insect parts (essentially it is garbage from their nest). Regardless, any ant invasion should be treated by a professional, as ant foraging trails can be complex and their nests can be well-hidden.

The 4 Most Common Species of Ants in Connecticut:

Carpenter Ants

  • Tan, red, or black; ¼ to ½”
  • Build colonies in wall voids, foam insulation, eaves, and crawlspaces
  • Likes sweets

Little Black Ants

  • Black; 1/16
  • Nest in wall voids, under carpets, in woodwork, decaying wood & masonry
  • Likes sweets, fats, oils

Odorous House Ants

  • Black or dark brown; 1/16 to 1/8
  • Prefers areas with moisture (e.g., near heaters and hot water pipes)
  • Likes sweets and meats

Pavement Ants

  • Dark brown; 1/8
  • Nest near masonry and building foundations
  • Likes sweets, greasy foods, and pet food

FAQs: Ant Control from Envirocare Pest Control

How does the process work?

  1. The first and most important step is to correctly identify the ant species in your home, since not all ant species will react to the same treatments. So first, we’ll ask you some questions – where have you seen the ants, have you seen any ants with wings, have you seen any ant frass, and more.
  2. Then we’ll perform a thorough pest inspection of the interior and exterior of your home or business, during which we’ll look for live ants, foraging trails, and areas conducive to ants such as water-damaged wood or overhanging trees.
  3. After the inspection, we’ll apply a variety of products to gain quick control of the problem. Usually, the areas treated include the basement, bathrooms, kitchen, attics, and exterior, as well as anywhere else the ants have been seen. The treatments will both eliminate interior ant colonies and prevent new exterior ant colonies from entering.

Is ant treatment dangerous for my children and pets?

When presented with a pest problem, Envirocare Pest Control always utilizes the least toxic methods of pest control as our first option. In ant treatments, we use organic dusts, gel baits, granule products, and liquid materials. All of our treatments are pet-friendly and, if we notice a sensitive situation, we can suggest alternative treatment methods. We do ask that any pets and children stay in another room or outside while treatment is taking place.

Does the treatment smell?

We would never use something in your home that we wouldn’t use in our own! Therefore, all of the treatment products we use are odorless (with the exception of our all-natural rodent repellent for mice).

How long will it take for treatment to work?

We expect that you will continue to see ants for a few weeks (unless we find and directly treat the hidden nest, which happens in 50–60% of cases). This is because our products are slow-acting – foraging ants will bring the product back to the colony and spread it among the nest.

How much does your ant extermination service cost?

The fee for our services is based upon the square footage and style of your home, as well as the complexity of the job, so our prices will vary. However, we pride ourselves on being affordable for everyone.

Is there a warranty or guarantee for ant treatment?

Envirocare Pest Control offers a 6-month warranty on all one-time treatments for ants only. However, we also offer a one-year warranty for our ongoing quarterly program. The quarterly program includes service for wasps, mice and other pests as well at no additional charge.

If you’ve got an ant problem, call Envirocare Pest Control – our experts can get rid of the ants in your home in no time.