Rats in yard? A common problem

Rats in your yard can be a touchy subject.  Tell someone you went to a home that has rats and your likely to envision an abandoned building in the middle of a large metropolitan area.  While it’s true that cities have rats, your also likely to find rats in a regular neighborhood the same as where you and I make our home.  Envirocare once had a rat problem in Trumbull, Ct where we ended up removing 40 rats of various ages.  We had another at a country club that wasn’t much better and still another at a high end restaurant in a rural area.

What brings rats to a small family neighborhood or your business?

Opportunity!!!! If you feed pets outside, have outside compost bins, let garbage cans overflow or even feed birds your home or business is at risk.  What better place to get a meal than an easy target.  What would you do if you were a rat?

What type of rat do we have in Connecticut?

Norway rats are the most prolific.  It’s possible to have Roof rats, especially at the shoreline, but most likely it will be a Norway rat.

What do rat droppings look like?

Below you see rat droppings from various adult and juvenile Norway rats

Norway rat droppings
Norway rat droppings

What else should I look for?

Besides droppings, homeowners and business owners should look for rat burrows, live rats and damaged items that have chew marks.

How can Envirocare Pest Control help?

David Bisaillon, the owner of  Envirocare Pest Control has 20 years of practical field experience in rat extermination services.  He has the knowledge to use all sorts of methods safely and effectively.  David has taught all of his staff how to identify rats issue, use tracking powders, baiting burrows directly, effective snap trap use, use of liquid bait stations and long-term bait box installations.

Envirocare Pest Control and David are called upon frequently when a popular chain of stores has a rat issue.  Envirocare has provided services to a chain of retail gas centers who’vehad failed rat extermination services provided by another company.  Within 45 days all four building were close to or completely rat free.

Providing rat extermination services is an art best left to a professional pest control service.  Getting rid of rats can be extremely difficult without the proper knowledge.

rat burrow 2013
Rat burrow through a floor. Notice the chew marks on the stud
Large Norway rat that died in a bait box. Weighed in at 3 lbs
Large Norway rat that died in a bait box. Weighed in at 3 lbs