Mice In Insulation

Recently during the renovation of a property mice were found in the insulation.  Unfortunately for our company this mouse nest was found in the insulation of a property that we’re purchasing to move our office to.

Mice often build nests in insulation, typically the nest will be rounded out and burrowed into a piece of insulation.  In this burrow they’ve got a warm and cozy place to have their young and hold up for the colder fall and winter months.  The mouse nest seen below was found in the basement of our new building, but it would look the same if it was in an attic or a crawl space.

A mouse nest found in Watertown, CT
A mouse nest found in Watertown, CT

Ridding our new home of mice

In order to rid our new building of mice we did several different things.  Keep in mind that our new home is a building that was originally built in 1750.  Older homes can be more difficult to take care of mice in.   However, by my own admission we went a little overboard.  

Here’s what we did:

  • Removed all the basement and crawl space insulation
  • Vacuumed all the mouse droppings we found throughout the home
  • Closed all the holes with mesh that lead through the subfloor into the main area of the home
  • Closed any holes leading to the interior from the outside
  • Set 25 snap traps throughout the basement and crawl space to exterminate as many mice as possible in a very short period of time.  We caught 10  mice in 2 nights!
  • Installed interior tamper resistant bait stations baited with a poison bait for a longer term control measure
  • Sprayed 1 gallon of exterior rodent repellent around the exterior of the home
  • Re-insulated the perimeter rim joist area only.  There’s no insulation under the subfloor any longer

This entire process took about a week.  Since that time approximately 4 weeks has passed.  In that time period we’ve neither seen evidence of or caught any mice within the building.

Our projected move in date is February 21, 2014 and I’m sure our office staff will be happy in a rodent free building

If you have mice or know someone who does, call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help