Termites In Hamden Ct: Live termites in the winter

Termites in Hamden, Ct are a common problem.  This area of CT is known to have more termite activity than the towns around it.  I don’t think that anyone in the termite control industry knows exactly why, but the fact remains that termites in Hamden are a real problem.  I’d go so far as to say that if someone from Hamden calls a pest control company and says they “think” they might have termites and there’s a better than average chance that they may be correct.

Most all of the “live” termite activity in Hamden, CT and for that matter all around New England is found during the warmer  spring and summer months.  For instance, reproductive termites will swarm on 65-70 degree days in April-May.  This usually is the first sign that people see notifying them of a termite issue in their home.  Along with swarming termites there’ll usually be worker termites.  This portion of a termite colony is solely responsible for all the damage that takes place in a home.  Worker termites are what’s pictured below.

Now that you have a bit of a background in termite biology lets explore the title of this post, termites in Hamden, CT.   Yesterday February 17, 2014, I provided a termite inspection for a home in Hamden, CT.  The air temperature was about 25 degrees.  During the inspection I found termites.  What made this find so unique is that I found “live” termites.  If it were April-October I wouldn’t have been surprised by this, but being February I was quite shocked.  Further, the area that the live termites found was in a colder area of the home.  The picture embedded with this post is what I saw.  If you look close you can see the termites clustered in the area where the termite shelter tube was broken open.

Worker termites in Hamden, CT
Worker termites in Hamden, CT

The termite damage sustained in this home was no more or less severe than I’ve seen at other typical homes.   Also, the fact that there were live termites at an odd time of year doesn’t mean that the problem is any more or less difficult to cure.  What is does mean is that  termites, like all insects can be unpredictable.

How then should you pick a termite exterminator

When dealing with termites it’s best to use a company that has the ability to find termites in areas where they may not normally be.  It’s also best to use a company that has a termite specialist and not a jack of all trades.  Using a smaller company usually will assure you that an owner can look at your property.  The assumption being that an owner should be well versed in all aspects of termite control.  If using a big company you’re more likely to find yourself talking to a sales person.  A sales pitch is not what you need at a time like this.

Termite control isn’t difficult if you know what your doing  and know what to look for.  However,  lack of experience and complacency in regards to what should be found based on the time of the year can be a bad thing.  Especially if it’s your home.

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