Mice in CT

Envirocare Pest Control of CT gets rid of mice in your home!
CT deer mouse

Mice in CT and around the world are an enormous problem.  Millions of homes and businesses every have issues with mice.  They can get into the smallest cracks and once inside they can chew wires, dirty cabinets, contaminate food storage areas with their droppings and leave behind unsanitary counter tops when they walk across them.  Pest control services for mice in CT are very popular in the fall and winter because just like people mice are looking for a warm place to spend the cold winter months.

Preventing mice from getting in and damaging your property should be high on your priority list of things to do.  Here are some things you should be aware of.

Small holes are a big problem:  

Mice in CT only need a hole about the size of a nickel to get into your home.  Once a mouse gets into your home they typically will have unfettered access to much of the home.  Mice will utilize plumbing voids and wall cavities to get from room to room in your home.  They may set up nests in insulation and birth up 10 young in a months period of time.  Then the young are ready to reproduce 4-6 weeks later.  One or two mice are able to create 100 mice in a very short period of time. How many mice are in your home right now?

Mice in CT are at home in your attic:

We’ve already covered in a previous article how mice get into attics, but it’s worth repeating.  Mice are small and agile, but their climbing abilities are second to none.  A mouse is able to climb brick, stucco and wood siding.  They also can climb from ground level to the attic utilizing the corners of the siding which typically have the rough ends of the sheathing exposed.

Mice are a health risk:

Mice in CT are filthy creatures.  When they run across counter tops they can spread salmonella to food surfaces.  Also, if the droppings from mice in CT are cleaned up wrong they can be inadvertently made to become airborne and breathed in by the occupants of the home.  If so, the occupants run the risk of developing hantavirus.

Damage caused by rodents:

Did you know that the greatest cause of unknown fires can be blamed on rodents?  If a rodent gnaws on the outer layer of electric wires they can cause a fire to spark.  Rodents also can gnaw holes in walls, dirty expensive attic insulation with their droppings and created bad odors with their urine and body oils.

What can be done:

Envirocare Pest Control can control mice in CT with our rodent and pest exclusion program.  Our trained service people use specialized techniques to seal holes, cover openings and make recommendations for areas that may need more work.  We also utilize natural rodent repellents that once sprayed on the foundation can keep rodents away.  We were doing rodent and pest exclusion services long before many of our competitors and have perfected the process.

Final question:

While we can’t keep every rodent out, why would anyone not want to try after knowing all the bad things rodents can be responsible for?

If you hear mice, see mouse droppings or just want to see how we can make your home more comfortable, call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.