What does carpenter ant frass: What does it look like?

Carpenter ant frass is sometimes difficult to identify, but a homeowner can typically make the diagnosis on their own if they’ve got some background information.  After reading the following list I’m sure you’ll be able to answer the question:  What does carpenter ant frass look like just like a pro.

Ant frass
Pile of carpenter ant frass found in barn

What is carpenter ant frass anyhow?

Carpenter ant frass is the garbage from a carpenter ant colony that is excavated from the wood that they’re damaging.  Carpenter ant frass will have the consistency of sharpened pencil shavings and will also contain bits and pieces of insects.  It’s typical to find heads and legs of ants in the frass that didn’t make the cut and were eaten by their nest mates.

Where is carpenter ant frass likely to be found?

Carpenter ant frass is usually going to be found in areas beneath the location of the nest.  Common nesting sites for carpenter ants include, but aren’t limited to window frames, door frames, areas of water damage and roof lines.

What should I do if I think I found carpenter ant frass?

If you think that you’ve possibly identified carpenter ant frass and you’re going to call an exterminator the best option is to do nothing.  The reason is that with the frass still in place your pest control provider will be better able to find where the ants are coming from.

You swept up the frass and it hasn’t returned.

The assumption here is that the nest is gone, but the likelihood of this being the case is slim.  A carpenter ant colony just doesn’t go away.  In many cases what you’re dealing with is the fact that the nest has been disturbed and “construction” has stopped or there may have been some type of seasonal change.

Now what?

The best thing to do if you think that you’ve found carpenter ant frass is to call a professional.  In most cases if carpenter ant frass is visible it means that there’s a potentially serious carpenter ant issue going on.  If this is so the average remedies employed by a homeowner are not likely to work.  In fact, they may actually make matters worse.

If you need carpenter ant frass identified or have carpenter ants, please call Envirocare Pest Control.  We can help.

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