Termite damage repair is a costly endeavor

Termite damage repair can be very costly, sometimes.  So, what are the real costs and where do they come from?  Read on.

The real cost of termite damage repair

The repair of termite damage is rarely in the cost of materials.  In fact, most termite damage repairs may only require $1000-$1500 in materials.  The real cost in termite damage repair is the labor of the carpenter doing the repair.  Most skilled carpenters in CT average about $75-$100 per hour.

Next, what’s visible is not likely the real issue.  Most termite damage repairs that are on the higher side come in the form of hidden damage.  Any good carpenter that opens a wall when there’s termite damage in a home knows that the job may take 2 days, 2 weeks or more.  It’s an uncontrollable variable.

Where are the most likely repairs made?

Termite damage repair isn’t a perfect science.  Termites rarely cooperate when they’re eating your home, but there are some places that are more prone to termite damage than others.  For the purposes of this post we’re only talking about the damage caused by eastern subterranean termites.  Its the most wide spread and in the case of CT the only termite we have.

  1. The garage frame is the most vulnerable part of any home as termites come from the soil and the garage is direct wood to ground contact
  2. The area behind a front door stoop.  The front stoop to a home always has a gap as they typically are a separate structure.  Termites get into the sill plate and floor joists in these areas and cause extensive damage.
  3. Exterior siding that’s in contact with the ground.  When this happens termites will go directly under the siding and damage wall sheathing, wall studs and in some cases drywall
  4. Interior basement walls.  Interior basement walls rest on the expansion joint between the garage floor and exterior wall.  Termites will come up through the joint and go directly into the wall cavity damaging the wall framing.

    Termite damage to the garage top frame
    Termite damage to the garage top frame

Choosing a repair person

You should know that many carpenters don’t like termite repair work so choose wisely.  When picking a contractor get everything in writing, but more importantly ask if they’ve ever done this type of repair work before.

Last, be sure to get quoted and hourly rate beyond the initial quote.  Termite damage repair work is famous for unforeseen circumstances.

Termite treatment before or after termite damage repair

We get this question all the time.  It really isn’t relevant as to when you get the repair work done, just get it done.  However, most exterminators including me would prefer to at least see the job before the damage is removed.  The reason is so that we can

  1. Confirm termites are actually the problem
  2. Ascertain where the termites are coming from
  3. Inspect for other areas

Termite damage repair is the likely outcome of having a home that’s infested with termites.  It certainly wasn’t an expense that your was expecting, but unfortunately it needs to be done.  Good luck.

If you have termite damage in your home and need a termite treatment, call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.