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Wasps in a wall are a real problem

Wasps in a wall can be quite a dilemma for the average homeowner.  The reason is that rarely does a homeowner approach the issue knowing exactly what’s going on and what the consequences are for taking care of the problem wrong. Here’s what the average scenario looks like to a homeowner: They see wasps (more […]

bees, wasps David Bisaillon July 15th, 2016

Mosquito control for a party

Mosquito control for a party or event is a common service that we offer.  The reason is that nothing can ruin an outdoor party like a massive influx of mosquitoes. Envirocare Pest Control has provided mosquito control for backyard parties and events for years, but there’s a few things that you should know before you […]

mosquitoes David Bisaillon July 1st, 2016